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We are honored to be your preferred cardiovascular medical group. We are committed to provide exceptional cardiovascular care within a reasonable time frame.

Appointment availability:

Patients with urgent medical needs are given priority in the appointment system. Appointments for non-urgent medical problems are scheduled according to severity within a few days to a few weeks. Please do not hesitate to request a sooner appointment if the appointment date provided is not acceptable. We will accommodate same day appointments to the fullest extent of our resources.

Referrals to a particular cardiologist will be directed accordingly.

Scheduling an appointment:

Our office is open from Monday to Friday from 8am-5pm. The office is closed on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays.

Kindly call 916-644-3141 to submit requests for new patient appointments. You may fax the required information to 916-771-7253.

Once these referrals are processed, these referrals will be sent to the medical assistants for scheduling.

Referrals for cardiac testing only (no physician visit requested) are called at 916-782-4180.

Required information:

Kindly be prepared to provide the following information for physician appointments:

  1. Patient’s full name
  2. Address
  3. Date of birth
  4. Telephone number/s
  5. Insurance information
  6. Referring physician
  7. Reason for referral/consultation
  8. Specific service requested
  9. Cardiologist requested (if any)
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