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For general inquiries, you may call the front desk.

Roseville office – 916-782-2146
Lincoln office – 916-644-3148
Auburn office – 530-368-8001

For cardiac testing – including echocardiography, nuclear imaging studies and cardiac rhythm monitoring, please call 916-782-4180

For all questions about anticoagulation and SIP Anticoagulation Clinic, please call 1-888-607-9494

For clinical inquiries, contact 916-782-2146 with the following extension or the direct telephone number for the medical assistant of your physician 

George Fehrenbacher, MD – ext 228 or 916-742-1363
Shaila Garg, MD – ext 2454 or 916-886-2454
Orson Go, MD – ext 262 or 916-742-1368
Diwakar Lingam, MD – ext 203 or 916-742-1376
Rishi Menon, MD – ext 234 or 916-782-1576
Stephen Peters, MD – ext 263 or 916-742-1364
Reza Sepehrdad, MD – ext 266 or 916-878-5465
Reetu Sharma, MD – ext 245 or 916-742-1369
Sanjay Yadlapalli, MD – ext 237 or 916-742-1367

Alternatively, you may contact your physician and his/her medical assistant via MyHealthOnline.

If you are requesting medical records, contact 916-782-2146 ext 219.

For billing questions and concerns, please click here.

For physician referrals for consultation/physician visits and cardiac testing, please click here.

Contact Us
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